Why me? 

Good question!

Why would you want to choose me as your therapist? Looking for a counsellor or therapist can be a daunting experience.  What will they be like? What if I don’t like them? What will be expected of me? These and a multitude of other questions may be going though your head right now.

Stop a moment and relax!

What can you expect from me?

Well, most importantly I am committed to working with you to improve your emotional health and wellbeing . I believe my work is my life’s purpose, something I was drawn to partly because of a number of challenging life events that I have experienced.  Therefore, you can expect from me a high level of empathy and understanding that cannot simply be learned through attending courses or studying textbooks.

The first session is an initial assessment exploring your current issues and setting a blueprint for working together in future sessions.

I am passionate about my work and continue to invest heavily in my own professional development and learning so that my therapeutic toolbox is as well-stocked as possible to help YOU!

I maintain client confidentiality and adhere to my professional code of ethics at all times.

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